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The Great Gatsby

Chapter Six


    Nick tells the reader of Gatsby's humble past as the son of an unprosperous North Dakota farmer, whose real name is James Gatz.  After having dropped out of college and working sporadically he meets a wealthy man named Dan Cody when his yacht, the Tuolumne, pulls into Little Girl Bay.  Cody takes on James who has now changed his name to Jay Gatsby, his first step toward become the wealthy man he has created in his mind.  For five years they sail the globe together, until Cody dies.  Gatsby is willed $25,000 of Cody's fortune, the remainder being swindled away by Ella Kaye, a corrupt newspaper reporter.  After this story, Nick did not hear from Gatsby for a while because his was spending time with Jordan in New York City trying to impress her aunt.  When Nick finally visits Gatsby, Tom, Mr. Sloane, and a woman ride over on horseback and are invited inside for a drink.  While they are there, Gatsby extends an invitation to Tom for his party that weekend and informs Tom that he knows Daisy.  Tom is disturbed by this and vows to discover the connection between his wife and Gatsby.  The girl invites Nick and Gatsby to her dinner party but Nick can not attend and Tom and Mr. Sloane do not like Gatsby so they leave without him.  Daisy and Tom attend the party and Gatsby tries desperately to create a good time for them by pointing out all the famous actresses and actors present.  However, Nick felt that this party had a more depressed atmosphere than all the previous parties that summer.  Gatsby could sense that Daisy was not enjoying herself so they sat on Nick's steps and talked for half an hour while Nick kept Tom occupied.  The only things Daisy enjoyed at the party was her time spent with Gatsby and the "orchid" of an actress.  Tom wants to know where Gatsby met Daisy and accuses Gatsby of being a bootlegger.  Daisy defends Gatsby by insisting that he owns dug stores.   While Daisy is leaving, look in her eyes indicates a longing to stay with Gatsby, as a mournful jazz tune, Three O'clock in the Morning, is playing in the background.  Gatsby confesses to Nick that he does not think Daisy enjoyed herself, but Nick feels that Gatsby is being too demanding by expecting Daisy to immediately leave Tom.  Gatsby then tells Nick of the magic of their first kiss and Nick is reminded of something related to that night but can not manage to remember it and knows that the vision will never come to him again.