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The Great Gatsby

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Summary of Chapter 7:

By Lauren O'Leary

    Gatsby's lights failed to go on one Saturday night and expectant cars turned away as there appeared to be no signs of a party for that night.  So Nick visited Gatsby's and was greeted by a new butler who told him that Gatsby wasn't sick and would only agree to tell Gatsby that Nick stopped by- so the next day Gatsby called Nick on the phone.  He fired all of his servants, so that none of them would gossip about his private life because Daisy has started visiting him often in the afternoons.  They make plans for lunch at Daisy's the next day (which was confirmed by Daisy's direct invitation to Nick afterwards, on the phone).  

    The next day was almost the last of summer, brutally hot and no one felt like getting themselves up to do anything.  As Tom went out of the room to make them all cold drinks, (Jordan was also present sitting with Daisy on the couch) Daisy confessed her love to Gatsby and kissed him, until Jordan made a comment.  A nurse brought in Daisy's daughter, who she showed off to Nick, Jordan, and Gatsby, and then let her return to her nurse.  They had lunch and when Daisy became bored she suggested going to town (New York) and stared at Gatsby making comments about how cool he looks.  Tom finally realized the affair between Gatsby and Daisy at this point and tried to act normal by going along with her suggestion to go into the city.  At this point, Gatsby describes Daisy and her sing-song voice as "Her voice is full of money" to Nick. Daisy's voice has always had a song like quality to it and connects to a common debate of how something is said and what is actually said?  This relates back to a motif in this story of substance (what is said) or style (how it's said).  Somehow Tom, Nick, and Jordan took Gatsby's car and Gatsby and Daisy took the Buchanan's blue coupe.  

    Tom's car stopped at Wilson's gas station to refill the tank, while Wilson has become physically ill because he has finally discovered Myrtle's affair.  But Tom forced him to give him gas and they briefly discussed the car Tom's planning on selling to him.  Also, Wilson mentioned that he's locked Myrtle upstairs and that they're moving within the next 2 days.  This was a shock for Wilson, as he evidently begins losing control over his wife (to Gatsby) and losing grasp of his mistress, Myrtle ( to Wilson).  They continued on the trip to New York-overtaking Gatsby and Daisy but making sure to keep them in tow after lights and turning corners.  They got a suite at a hotel near the park, after acting silly and indecisive at the front desk.  They bring up a bottle of whiskey and joke about making mint juleps. Tom confronted Gatsby about Daisy in the room, so Gatsby started talking about how Daisy never really loved Tom and actually gets  her to say it- even as she tried to get them all to leave the suite.  They argued about who Daisy loves until Daisy said that she couldn't lie about never loving Tom because she did at one time.  Although she also loved Gatsby from the last time she saw him.  She tried to support what Gatsby said- when he said that she's leaving Tom.  Tom finally gets them all to leave and made Gatsby and Daisy go ahead and take Gatsby's own car home, while he, Nick and Jordan take his coupe home.  Before Tom's group left the hotel, Nick suddenly remembered that that day is his birthday-he has turned 30.  He lets the fear of a new decade fade as he remembers that he has Jordan's presence and relationship to look forward to.  

    Narration then jumped to Michaelis (the young Greek man who owned the coffee shop next to Wilson's garage) who visited Wilson, found him to be sick, and found that Wilson had locked Myrtle upstairs for the next 2 days-until they moved away.  He left Wilson after a bit and then at 7 o'clock looked outside as he heard an altercation at Wilson's garage.  Myrtle ran out into the road and a yellow car hit her- killing her- and kept on going without stopping.  Narration changed back to Tom, Nick, and Jordan reaching Wilson's garage with a few cars and a bit of a crowd hovering on the property.  They stopped, found out about Myrtle, and because it was reported that a yellow car hit her, Tom immediately told Wilson that he just got there driving his coupe- not the yellow car he was driving that afternoon.  Once Tom put Wilson in the office- guarded by some men, they leave.

   Then they reach the Buchanan's house (with Daisy already home), Nick chose not to go inside on account of being "sick and tired" of them all for the day but let Tom call a taxi for him. As he walked to the end of the driveway, he surprisingly finds Gatsby waiting, and hiding by the bushes.  Gatsby ended up confessing to the intuitive Nick that Daisy had been driving, had turned towards the car approaching them, lost her nerve and hit Myrtle. Nick looked into the house, saw Tom and Daisy eating dinner perfectly fine, and took the cab home, leaving Gatsby as he watched and waited for Daisy to go to bed safely.